The Tahoe East Shore Trail is an amazing trail that stretches 3 miles around the beautiful Lake Tahoe. It was recently opened in June 2019, and already has become a favorite walking and biking path for many! The trail is paved, 10 feet wide, and provides gorgeous views as you make your way along the path.

Beginning at the trailhead in Incline Village, the trail winds around the east shore of Lake Tahoe and ends at the popular Sand Harbor. The Tahoe East Shore Trailhead begins about a one minute’s walk from Tunnel Creek Café, perfect for a grab and go snack before your trail adventure!

This trail brings to life the dreams that many local residents have imagined: a safe path for cyclists, joggers, and walkers overlooking Lake Tahoe. It provides an amazing way to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe, breathe the mountain air, and get some exercise!

In February of 2020, my wife and I went to enjoy a day together on the Tahoe East Shore Trail. Lake Tahoe is one of our favorite places to take a date for the day. We had been hearing great things about the trail since it opened, and wanted to see for ourselves! Although it was winter, the weather was warm and beautiful. We started at the trailhead in Incline and talked as we strolled along, taking in the sights.

(Enjoy these gorgeous pictures my wife took as we explored the trail!)

There are many different little trails off of the Tahoe East Shore Trail leading to beaches around the Tahoe shores. One of the paths off the main trail led us to Hidden Beach. Another led us through a tunnel of rock that opened up to another small, gorgeous beach! Eventually, we had made our way on the 3-mile trail (plus our off-path beach excursions) and arrived at Sand Harbor! 

At Sand Harbor, my wife and I sat together and enjoyed the beauty, then motivated ourselves to walk back to our car (back at the trailhead!). We had explored quite a bit, so we were tired, but it was a great day! We grabbed some coffee and headed home, very happy we went on the Tahoe East Shore Trail!

We have gone back several more times since that first, and I think you would love it as well! I am constantly amazed by the beauty we live so near to, and grateful we get to live in such a gorgeous place!


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