A big question home sellers often have is, "How much time will it take for my home to sell?". If you have watched one of your neighbors sell their house and it took forever to sell, maybe you are worried the same thing will happen with your property. You are likely assuming that being in the same neighborhood, your house will sell in the same amount of time, and money, as their home.

There is good news: there are tangible steps you can take to help your home sell faster than your neighbors, and sell at its highest value! Below are 5 practical actions that will allow you to get your home in top condition for selling. These steps will help your house sell quickly and at its highest point of worth.

Did you know that houses have first impressions? They do! A home's first impression can make a big impact on how quickly your home sells. What are the first impressions of a home for sale? The first thing buyers see when they view a house is the landscaping. Landscaping is essentially the first encounter that buyers have with a home.

In order to give your landscaping an update and increase the chances of your home selling quickly, here are a couple tips. If you have no landscaping, it may take time and money to add some, but will be well worth it in the end! If you already have gorgeous landscaping, take a day or two to remove any dead plants, weeds, or simply add a few vibrant flowers to add appeal to your home.

Buyers will be naturally drawn to a home with beautiful landscaping. If you were to look through a few different homes for sale, you would probably favor properties that have a nicely landscaped front yard. (You can even check out some listings here to see how much of a difference the landscaping makes!)

If you were drawn to the homes with great landscaping out of the listings you viewed, your potential buyers will be too! That being said, the first impression of landscaping can greatly help your property sell quickly if it looks nice. 

One tough but true tip for selling your home quickly is to stage it before showings. If a home is occupied with the previous owner's pictures, items, and accessories, it will be difficult for a buyer to picture themself living there. However, if a home is neatly staged, potential buyers will have an easier time picturing themself living there. When a buyer walks into a nicely staged home, they get the idea that living there will be perfect for them. They then get attached to the home as they envision where they will put their belongings and furniture in the house. 

Staging your home when selling it does not necessarily mean you need to move out first! It is an option to move out and bring in staging furniture, but this is not the only option. You may consider renting a storage unit to move some of your belongings into while your home is for sale. This may be helpful in order to clear out any personal items, decorations, and other things from your home that will leave your house neat and ready to stage. 

If there is an aspect of your home - such as paint and flooring - that you are wondering whether or not you need to upgrade, the answer is probably yes. If your paint and floors are a little outdated or worn, you may be used to it from living with them everyday.  

However, new flooring and paint are key factors that many buyers may be looking for when they search the market for a home. If there are similar properties to yours offering new flooring and paint, buyers are likely to gravitate towards the upgraded homes.  

Although it may sound a little pricey to upgrade your flooring and get a paint job, it will pay out in the end. Buyers love moving into a home that has newly installed floors! 

When you are trying to sell your home and sell it quickly, you are going to want an experienced Realtor. Rather than risk having your home sell slowly and inefficiently with an inexperienced Realtor, you want to hire one who has a lot of successful home sales under their belt. A good Realtor can easily be the difference between your home selling quickly or very slowly. 

Here at the Montgomery Real Estate Group, we have over 16 years of experience in the real estate field. Our team has overseen over 221 million in real estate sales. Not only do we have experience in working with many buyers and sellers, but we also have connections that will allow us to help you sell your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Last year, our team was named the #1 Team at Keller Williams Realty in Reno-Sparks, NV (out of 400 agents). Our team has also been endorsed by Dave Ramsey, a radio host and financial expert. Don't just take our word for it, you can also read client testimonials from many amazing buyers and sellers we have worked with! Meet our team here! We can't wait to work with you!

Possibly the most important key to selling your home quickly is to put it at the right price in the beginning. The price of a property is the most critical thing to consider when selling a home. The price is the factor that determines whether or not a buyer even clicks on your home’s listing! 

The best way to price your home correctly the first time is by comparing it to what has recently sold. This way, you know what has actually sold at a specific price and then can price your house accordingly to those recently sold. If you hire a good Realtor, they will help you view recently sold properties and walk you through how those affect the price of your home. They will then help you list your home at the right price, and sell it for what it is worth!

Thank you for reading 5 Tips To Sell Your House Quicker Than Your Neighbors!

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