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Should You Rent Or Buy A Home?  

Everyone needs a place to live and there are basically only two options. You can rent or buy, so which one is the best choice?  The choice is different for everyone and should be carefully considered as buying a home is one of the biggest purchases that most people will make in their life.

There are a number of advantages to buying over renting.

  • Owning a home is an investment. When you rent, 100% of your rent payment goes into your landlord's pocket. When you are buying your home, each month part of your payment goes towards paying down your principal balance. 

  • Additionally, when you make improvements to your home this usually increases the value of your home and your investment.

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I have met with many qualified clients every week that all have one common problem, they don't know ho to save up all of the money need to purchase a home.  These clients all have decent jobs and pay rent, and they also know that once they are in a home they will easily be able to pay their monthly mortgage.  The problem still exists:  How will a first time buyer be able to save up the initial down payment?

I am happy to say that I have helped many families this year purchase home with little or no money down!  So here is the question, "How do you do it?", "How is it possible to purchase a home with no money saved to put down?".

 When you purchase a home, you need money for down payment and closing costs.  Let's first discuss the "down

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At, we want to keep you informed of trends in the Reno-Sparks, NV housing and real estate markets.  If you have questions about your home value or neighborhood, please feel free to contact Montgomery Home Selling Team @ Keller Williams Realty anytime!

September 2015 Market Report For Greater Reno/Sparks 

  • “The announcement of the Federal Reserve Board to hold off an increase in interest rates will help qualified buyers - despite the trend of increasing median price,” said Dave Hansen, 2015 RSAR president.  “We see the past 13-month leveling in the median price as a positive sign for buyers who can afford to purchase a home.”
  • September unit sales at 560 are up 7% from August and up 10% compared to September 2014. 
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At, we want to keep you informed of trends in the Reno-Sparks, NV housing and real estate markets.

August 2015 Market Report For Greater Reno/Sparks 

  • August unit sales at 505 are down 21.8% from July and down 12.6% compared to August 2014.
  • The median price was down less than 1% to $290,000 compared to $290,735 in July.  Median sales price was up 16% from August 2014. 
  • New listings in August are down 11.9% at 704 compared to July and up 6.0% from August 2014.   The total number of new listings reported during the peak listing season, April – August, were up 6% compared to the same five month period in 2014.
  • The Reno market remains in a seller’s market with 3.8 months’ supply of inventory.  Month’s supply of
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As a top Realtor in Reno-Sparks, I am frequently asked about home values in Reno-Sparks, and the impact Tesla is having on our area.  The truth is, Tesla is already  having a tremendous impact on our area, and will likely continue for years to come.  Here are a few Tesla facts to consider:

  • Tesla will be hiring and relocating 6,700 workers to our area over the next 1-5 years
  • These Tesla hiring's will also create an additional 22,000 jobs in our area
  • Since Tesla was announced in 2014, home values in Reno-Sparks have already increased over 10%

What does this mean for Reno-Sparks residents and homeowners?  First off, I would say that if you are a renter, or if one of your family or friends is a renter, it is time to step into the American

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REALTORS® are known for helping people buy and sell real estate, but much of what a REALTOR® actually does to earn their commission happens behind the scenes. A good REALTOR® will make your real estate transaction flow smoothly through each step of the process, leaving the impression that their job is fairly simple. The fact is - that couldn't be further from the truth. Anyone who has ever lived with a REALTOR® knows how difficult their job is. If you've never spent much one-on-one time with a REALTOR®, you may not understand how different their job is from the average everyday job. For this reason, I created a blog page covering a few of the day-to-day items that Reno Sparks REALTORS® are responsible for. A day

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At, we want to be your resource for all things real estate.  Here is what is going on in today's local market. 

Homeowners have historically remained in their homes an average of six to seven years, however in 2014, research showed that time has increased to 10 years, according to Dave Hansen, 2015 president RSAR. This has created a lack of inventory within the Reno-Sparks market for existing-home sales.  Many would-be sellers have stayed put because they are nervous about leaving their low interest mortgage rates, and they also have been waiting for a spike in the value of their homes. 


Median Reno-Sparks Sales Price

  • February 2015 median price was up 5.2% to $265,000 compared to $252,000 in January 2015 and
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 At, we want to be your resource for all things real estate.  Here is what is going on in today's local market. 

According to the new data released by the Northern Nevada Association of Realtors, the Reno Sparks market is steadily selling inventory, while also gaining more home buyers, following the same trends from October & Novemeber.  Let's take a look at the Decemeber 2014 real estate market numbers for Reno Sparks:

 Median Sales Price

  • December 2014 median price was up 0.8% to $262,000 compared to $260,000 in November
  • 2014 and up 12.9% compared to $232,000 in December 2013.
  • Median price is defined as the mid-point, where, for the time period identified, the price for one-half of the sales are higher
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A few days ago, I received a text message from one of the home buyers with whom I am currently working. She wanted to see a house that she found on the internet, so I looked up the address in our local Reno Sparks MLS, and could not find any data on it. I then put the address into Google and the first search result was a listing on When I clicked the link and started to do my research in order to find out whether or not this home was still available for showing, there was no contact info on the page for the individual who listed the property for sale. Eventually I found a link at the bottom of the page that showed the location of the website where the data was being pulled from. When I clicked on it, I was taken to a clunky old website from a

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One of the most common questions that I hear when I am working with a first-home buyers is, “How do you get paid as a Realtor?”.  According to the National Association of Realtors, 88% of home buyers used a real estate agent when buying a home and approximately 91% of homeowners used a Realtor to sell their house in 2013. Based on these numbers, it’s obvious that there are many people working with Realtors every day. There are also predicting that the “Gen Y” homebuyers will be entering the real estate market with a bang during the next few years. This means that an influx of home buyers will be entering the market for the first time. Many of these first time home buyers have no idea what a Realtor actually does, or how they get paid.

I recently met a

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